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You guys rock!  Wendy Felling

Best lead singer in town!  Pamela Swanner

No one's played on the moon yet. No one's played in zero gravity. Some bands have played at the Pyramids of Giza, But, with Kat Wilson belting out the soulful vocals that most divas could only wish for, "Arizona Jones" is gonna be funky and pleasing to the eyes and ears of R & B lovers everywhere…. 
 Billy Slais 


I'm all the way here in Knoxville Tennessee, and I love what I hear! Michaelemery Delaney 

This girl put a spell on me and made me dance like a chicken...   Billy Behr

This little band was quite amazing, she killed it!   Jetty DeSotell

I just saw you for the first time in Oroville. 
I was pleasantly surprised. You all are a compliment to each other. 
And Kat, I love your vibe. That kazoo solo was so unexpected . And now I too want a fringe dress. 
Thank you all so much for coming. Great show. :)                                              
Tracey Wright